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Acticarb Incorporated supplies high quality activated carbons manufactured by Activated Carbon Technologies (ACT).

Activated Carbon Technologies - Company Profile


ACT is 100% Australian owned.


Our Mission : To supply the most suitable activated carbon product at a competitive price.

Where we deliver :

Acticarb Supplies the World

Acticarb Incorporated supplies the US water treatment and industrial markets. Acticarb's close affiliation with Activated Carbon Technologies allows access to Australia activated carbon products from its own manufacturing facility located in Perth, Australia) along with the international resources of sales offices in North Carolina, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and China.

What we offer :

We provide a complete activated carbon service including:

Our people :

ACT was founded by Peter Cullum in 2003. Our key staff have more than 50 years' of combined professional experience.

Our Expertise :

We have specialist knowledge and extensive expertise in a wide range of industry applications:


Our experience covers all aspects of activated carbon - from production, handling and dosing to specific point of use applications.


For traditional or innovative applications of activated carbon - we can provide the support you need.