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We supply specialist grades of both powdered and granular activated carbon and anthracite for drinking water.

  • WQA Gold Seal NSF/ANSI 61Depending on which type of water treatment plant design is considered, either powdered activated carbon (PAC) or granular activated carbon (GAC) could be used.
  • Our Australian made drinking water PACs and GACs are WQA certified to meet the NSF/ANSI 61 standard and have the WQA Gold Seal Certification.
  • Our GACs for drinking water treatment operate in a Biological Activated Carbon (BAC) mode where filtration utilises naturally occurring biology to remove organics from drinking water through bio-assimilation. This leads to very long bed life (typically 10-15 years). 
  • If anthracite is currently used and is due for replacement, swap out (all or part) with a BAC should be considered as a low cost, low operational requirement option where taste and odour issues exist.
Need Guidance?

We have an extensive range of information sheets to provide guidance on common issues relating to activated carbon selection and usage in drinking water applications.

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PAC - Powdered Activated Carbon

The powdered activated carbon is dosed into the water in small amounts (10 to 50 mg/litre) and removed downstream with the sludge.

  • For water treatment plants with a 10 minutes or more residence time we recommend using our Acticarb PS1000.
  • For water treatment plants with less than 10 minutes residence time we recommend using our Acticarb PS1300.
  • For applications requiring enhanced adsorption performance, our F grades are available. These have been milled and sieved to ultra fine powder (d50 = 10-15 microns).
GAC - Granular Activated Carbon

The granular activated carbon is used as a filter through which the water is pumped. The GAC is regularly backwashed and does not need to be replaced until it is exhausted which may take several years (typically 10-15 years for BACs).

  •  For water treatment plants using GAC we recommend using our Acticarb BAC GA1000N or BAC GS1000N, which are prewashed GACs, acid treated and neutralised, with no floaters or pH effect. Because of the pretreatment these BACs do not need much prewashing in the plant and cuts commissioning time down to a few hours instead of many days.

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