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We supply specialist grades of granulated activated carbon (GAC) for the removal of Heavy Poly Nucleic Aromatics (HPNA) from Hydrocracker feedstock in Universal Oil Products (UOP LLC) HPNA RMTM process.


The HPNAs are adsorbed onto the activated carbon increasing the downstream hydrocracker catalyst life and avoiding HPNA (also called polycyclic aromatics - PCAs) fouling of feed effluent heat exchangers.


An extra benefit is that the GAC acts as a deep bed filter, reducing the risk of pressure drop problems in the hydrocracker reactor.


GAC - Granulated Carbon Use

The granulated activated carbon is contained in two filter vessels arranged in series. The vessels are typically operated in series in a lead-lag position however  they can be operated in isolation to allow change out of the carbon while still protecting the catalyst.


GACGAC Products for HPNA Filtration