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Acticarb Inc has the most experienced personnel in Australasia with worldwide experience.


Here are our staff profiles :

Peter Cullum (Managing Director) :

ACT - Peter CullumPeter has more than 30 years' experience in the activated carbon business in areas which include:

  • Water treatment applications
  • Gold mining
  • Sugar refining
  • Oil Refining (HPNA/PCA removal)
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Applications Research and Development
  • AC manufacturing and handling
  • Quality Assurance
  • Staff management and training
  • Business Management

Peter is based in the Melbourne Office and his contact details are:

Phone:    +61 (0)3 9437 2600

E-mail     pcullum@activatedcarbon.com.au


Kerstin Frazer (New Zealand Manager) :

ACT - Kerstin FrazerKerstin is a chemical engineer with over 25 years' experience in oil refining, water treatment and fine chemical processing.

This fantastic background was put to good use when she worked with the NZ Refining Company where she was responsible for the activated carbon used as a process aid in the hydrocracker unit.  

The services that she can provide include:

  • Activated carbon supply
  • Design assistance
  • Operational advice
  • Product information  

Kerstin is based in the Wellington Office and her contact details are

Phone   +64 (0)4 499 4475

Email    info@activatedcarbon.co.nz 


For traditional or innovative applications of activated carbon -
we can provide the support you need.