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Acticarb Inc sources its products from Activated Carbon Technologies' carbon processing plant located in Perth, Western Australia.


Customer Benefits :

Having our own production facility means we can offer you huge flexibility. We can tailor make product sizes and customise grades. We are also able to vary the packaging options.


The factory commenced operations in April 2005 and employs 10 staff. It has received QA ISO 9001:2000 accreditation.  


WQA Gold Seal NSF/ANSI 61

In our factory we can manufacture up to 12,000 tonnes of finished activated carbon products per year. The production is 50% powdered activated carbon (PAC) and 50% granular activated carbon (GAC).  

Our Australian made drinking water PACs and GACs are WQA certified to meet the NSF/ANSI 61 standard and have WQA Gold Seal Certification.


On-site Laboratory :

laboratoryThe factory has its own Quality Assurance (QA) laboratory. This laboratory also performs Research & Development and specialist analysis requests.



Carbon Sources

ACT Factory carbon source

Activated Carbon Technologies Pty Ltd produces activated carbon from coal based and coconut based material. The majority of the coal based activated carbon is produced in Australia with selected grades sourced from China. All the coconut shell based activated carbon is imported from the largest producer in the world, located in the Philippines. The pie chart below (see Figure 1) shows where the activated carbon processed in the ACT Factory activated carbon is sourced.


The Manufacturing Process

Unfinished, crude activated carbon arrives at the factory in bulk bags. As part of the quality assurance process, samples are taken of the incoming activated carbon. The carbon is then graded, crushed, sieved under vacuum for de-dusting and milled to micro fine powder.  

The crushing and milling steps are carried out by a specially customised air swept hammer mill and 2 roller mills. They can mill down to sub 10 micron (PAC).


ACT - Rotex multi-deck screenerThe sieving process, conducted on a Rotex multi-deck screener, can produce any size of GAC to meet our customers' needs. (See Figure 2).


Granular products are available in any size designation below 4.75 mm and the powder products are available down to sub 10 micron median diameter.  

Bagging, Storage and Stock Locations

ACT - Bag HousesThe finished carbon is stored in silos (see Figure 3) or bagged to be shipped to customers.


Our standard bag sizes are 20 kg paper bags and 1.3 m3 bulk bags. Other bag sizes are also available. We hold stock in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland. Activated carbon samples for QA are taken throughout the process, including before the finished product is being bagged.


As part of the QA process the bags are all numbered and labeled.